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"Rethink, recycle, reuse – the way we do"

Nico Vos
With Blue Cycle I want to give you a message: be aware of waste! We do this by recycling plastic waste in a more sustainable way. Blue Cycle gives me the opportunity to further apply my knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. I deal with changes in the market in a targeted manner and I am very aware of the social importance. During my work I follow my passion and radiate pleasure. And with that I hope to be able to convince everyone to work together on a better world. It is my strength to put together an innovative team within Blue Cycle and to transfer my knowledge to other generations. That is the strong basis from which beautiful things arise. And from there you really get a message across.

Nico Vos – Director

Eric Langedijk
At Blue Cycle I am mainly concerned with designing and building the installation. I have a great affinity with the pyrolysis technique that we apply at Blue Cycle. Even as a small child it was a dream to build your own factory: with Blue Cycle this is becoming reality. In recent years I have worked a lot and gained knowledge in the sustainable sector. As a result, I know exactly how to optimize the process within Blue Cycle and to achieve the best result. Together with our main partners, we are able to realize an improvement in the recycling of plastic waste. And with that confidence I gladly take on any challenge to apply the sustainable innovation behind Blue Cycle in today's society.

Eric Langedijk – Director

ADRESS: DUITSLANDDREEF 27 | 8447 SE Heerenveen | INFO@BLUECYCLE.FRL | Part of PTO Heerenveen
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