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Nice to have you here. We would like to tell you more about the process of Blue Cycle. To start at the beginning: the collected domestic plastic waste enters the factory. Also the plastic waste that used to be difficult to recycle, like the Foil and Mix fractions. This is sorted and preprocessed subsequently, which involves separating inert materials (sand, glass and metal) from the plastics. What remains is heated according to the pyrolysis process. New plastics can be produced from the generated oil instead of using petroleum. With that, the cycle is completed and the process can repeat itself. In other words, a circular model.

The Netherlands is one of the world's leaders when it comes to recycling waste into raw materials. As a final step, the recycling of plastic has been added and more and more plastics are being successfully collected. So Blue Cycle is a good addition to the current system with mechanical recycling, especially for the Foil and Mix fractions. This makes it possible to increase the recycling percentage. Blue Cycle's approach is to further develop the technology by being able to recycle more plastics. With the coming of Blue Cycle we created a new relationship with plastics.  
ADRESS: DUITSLANDDREEF 27 | 8447 SE Heerenveen | INFO@BLUECYCLE.FRL | Part of PTO Heerenveen
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